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Since 2003, the Books Council of Wales has been responsible for schemes formerly administered by the Arts Council of Wales in support of literary publishing in Wales in English as well as in Welsh. In addition, from 2004/05 onwards, it has received additional funds from the Welsh Assembly Government to extend its support for English-language publishing into new areas, with the emphasis on supporting a wider range of books. The Books Council of Wales is now the main source of subsidy for English-language publishing in Wales.

What is eligible for support?

The Books Council of Wales provides publishing grants for literary books and magazines in English; it also contributes to the cost of marketing initiatives, the employment of editorial and marketing staff and of advances or fees for the authors and/or illustrators of books aimed at as wide an audience as possible. See Summary of Grants Available for Publishing in English.

Who may apply for a grant?

In general, only publishers in Wales are eligible to receive funding. (Publishers outside Wales may be eligible for an Individual Literary Book Grant (ILBG) where the book is of significant Welsh interest, and where the publisher can demonstrate that no other funding is available to them.) Publishers must have established lists or sound plans for establishing a relevant programme, and the ability to sell their output throughout Wales and beyond. Authors may not apply for grants from the Books Council of Wales. See Information for Authors.

The Books Council of Wales also administers grant schemes for booksellers. See Information for Booksellers.

How does the application procedure work?

Publishing grants are allocated twice a year by the English-Language Publishing Grants Panel. The Panel usually meets in February and July. Deadlines for applications are announced in advance. Grants are not usually awarded more than two years in advance of the planned publication date. For further information, see individual scheme guidelines.

Does the Books Council of Wales offer loans or grants in support of profitable projects?

In general, publishing grants are made towards expected deficits. The Books Council of Wales does not offer loans. However, a number of schemes are now targeted at more popular publishing projects, the profits of which will be re-invested in publishing Welsh Books in English. See, in particular, the Advances/Fees to Authors and Illustrators scheme the Marketing Grants scheme for English-language books.

Is the Books Council of Wales the only source of funding for publishers?

The following bodies also administer some schemes to which publishers may apply:

Arts Council of Wales
Grants for training, international exchange (through its agency, Wales Arts International), cross-artform activity, participatory projects, cultural diversity and some other areas, but not for production costs associated with publishing.

Wales Literature Exchange
Grants for outward translation of Welsh literature, from English and Welsh. WLA does not fund translation into Welsh.

Grants and other support are also available for small businesses generally. See How can I become a publisher? below.

Does the Books Council of Wales offer support to publishers other than through its grant schemes?

All publishers in Wales may make use of the Welsh Books Council’s editing, marketing, design, wholesaling and distribution services. Click here for full details.

How can I become a publisher?

The Publishers’ Association and the Independent Publishers Guild offer information (much of it free of charge) and services to those who wish to establish and develop their business or to pursue a career in the publishing trade. Cultural Enterprise offers business advice to cultural and artistic groups and companies in Wales. Information about grants, training and other forms of support for small businesses is available at


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