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Can authors apply for funding from the Books Council of Wales?

Authors benefit, directly or indirectly, from most of the Books Council of Wales’ grant schemes. However, the Council’s primary function is to promote the publishing sector and book trade in Wales: applications, therefore, may only be submitted by publishers. For information about grants (including time-buying bursaries) and other support for which writers may apply directly, contact Literature Wales.

How can I get an opinion on my work?

Critiques are available, for a small fee, through Literature Wales’s Critical Service ( and, for a higher fee, through

Where can I get advice about finding a publisher and submitting my work?

Some of the main publishers in Wales are listed on the Welsh Book Trade Information website. The kinds of material they publish can be found by searching on (on-line bookshop), as well as by visiting individual publishers’ websites. These often give specific advice on how unsolicited typescripts or proposals, should be submitted. Useful advice can also be found on the Literature Wales website and in The Writers’ Handbook (Macmillan, London: annual). The internet provides a bewildering range of services and sources of information. Jane Dorner’s The Internet: A Writer’s Guide (A&C Black, London: 2nd edition) identifies the more useful of these. is amongst the most comprehensive sources of free information and advice for new writers and published authors alike.

Can I apply for funding to publish my own work?

The Books Council of Wales works to develop a strong, diverse and professional publishing sector in Wales. For this reason, it only supports publishers who have established lists, or have viable plans to develop such lists, and have the resources effectively to promote their output. Funding is not available, therefore, to individuals who wish only or primarily to publish their own work. Nor is it available to printers who are commissioned by the author.

A publisher has asked me to contribute to the cost of printing my book. Can the Books Council of Wales help?

Most publishers in the UK who habitually request contributions from their authors are considered to be ‘vanity publishers’. Writers’ organisations advise that few, if any, of these companies offer value for money and do little to promote and distribute work published. Further information is available from ,, The Writers’ and Artists’ Yearbook (A&C Black, London: annual) and The Writers’ Handbook (Macmillan, London: annual).

It should be added that there are some more legitimate publishers and imprints (e.g. Y Lolfa’s imprint, ‘Dinas’) which accept contributions from their authors towards the cost of publishing special titles which cannot be funded by other means.

The Books Council of Wales cannot award a grant to any publisher for a work which has been subsidised by its author, nor can it help authors who are asked to contribute to publishing costs.


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