Panel Dates (General):

Many of you have enquired recently about the dates of up-and-coming panels. Please note that the dates of future Panels are decided at the end of every Panel meeting. However, you may base your plans on the following general pattern:


Panel Date

Deadline – Individual Grants

Deadline –

A Grants


Middle of the month

Mid January

End of January


Middle of the month

Mid April

End of April


Middle of the month

Mid September

End of September

NB it is the Panel that decide on the dates of their meetings and this pattern can change. The correct dates will always be on the Welsh Books Council website and in the letter that is sent after every Panel. You should check here before acting. Could you please share this will all members of staff who may need to know.

Dates of the Next Panel (Specific):

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19, the Grants Panel will meet monthly to discuss grant applications. Any applications received before the end of the previous month will be discussed. Applications for individual production grants will be discussed the following month when a reader report is received.

Full meetings of the Panel will be held three times a year as usual, in March, June and November.

Publishers will be notified when this procedure changes.

Christmas Books Publication Dates:

Publication Date to receive Bonus, between 11 September and 09 October, 2020
Every grant Christmas Book to be Published by 30 October 2020
Note: there will be a fine of £200 for each book published after 30 October 2020


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