Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. I am an author. Can I get a grant from the Books Council of Wales?

The Books Council of Wales provides grants for authors but applications must be submitted through a publisher. For information on Publishing Grants click 'Grants' above and go to 'Information for Authors'.

2. I’ve written a book. Where do I get advice on how to get it published?

The Welsh Book Trade Information site contains much useful advice together with a list of publishers from Wales.

3. I am an author. Can the Books Council of Wales tell me how many copies of my books have been sold?

No, you should contact your publisher. The Distribution Centre’s contracts with individual publishers do not allow us to disclose any sales information to a third party.

4. I am an author. Can the Books Council of Wales ensure that I receive royalties/fees regularly and on time?

Your contract should stipulate the amounts due and the payment schedule as agreed by both parties. In the case of non-payment, you should immediately contact your publisher. The Books Council of Wales can intervene on your behalf, in the case of grant-aided books, but only when you have failed to get any satisfactory answers from your publisher.

5. I want to become a publisher. How can the Books Council of Wales help me?

Several of the Books Council’s Departments will be able to advise you. Your initial contact should be the Grants Department by clicking 'Contact Us' above. The Department will refer you to other Departments as necessary. Click on 'Grants' above for further details.

6. I want to open a book-shop. How can the Books Council of Wales help me?

Contact the Manager of the Distribution Centre and/or the Head of Sales and Marketing by clicking 'Contact Us' above.

7. How can I become a Friend of the Books Council of Wales?

Click here to download a membership form or contact:

The Secretary of the Friends, Books Council of Wales, Castell Brychan, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 2JB Tel: 01970 624151 Fax: 01970 625385

8. I want to purchase a book and am unable to source it locally. What should I do?

Your local book-shop can order any available title on your behalf from our Distribution Centre. If this is not practicable, go to the Books Council of Wales's website which offers a quick and efficient service. We do our best to offer a next working day delivery service for all books in stock.

9. Is it possible for me to order a book although the Gwales website says it is Out of Print?

When a publisher informs us that a book is no longer available, and that they have no plans to reprint the title, the status on our Gwales website is changed to 'Out of Print'. There is no point, therefore, in trying to order these titles. We suggest, in such cases, that you approach your local bookshop in case they still have a copy in stock, borrow a copy from your local library, or search the internet or a second-hand book-shop for a copy.

10. How can I get information on the resources available for my child/school?

Contact the Department of Children's Books and Reading Promotion by clicking 'Contact Us' above. The Department has a number of specialist officers who are knowledgeable in the field.

11. I'm contemplating self-publishing my own book. Can the Books Council of Wales help me to sell it through the book trade in Wales?

If you are Welsh or based in Wales, or if your book is of Welsh interest, we can consider handling your book through our Distribution Centre. Please contact our Sales and Marketing Department, ideally at least three months before publication, with as much bibliographical information as possible, including the ISBN and a JPEG of the cover. The Books Council of Wales operates as a distributor only, and it is the responsibility of the author / publisher to promote and market the book.

Terms and conditions for distributing are 55% of the retail price of every copy on a full sale or return basis, with an initial stock of 30 copies; invoices will be paid after 12 months only. If you accept these terms, please contact Lowri Davies, Information Officer, Books Council of Wales, Glanyrafon Enterprise Park, Aberystwyth, Ceredigion SY23 3AQ. The Department will then decide whether the Books Council of Wales will stock your book.

Should a decision be made not to stock your book, it can still be listed on the website as available from the publisher only.

12. What if I can't afford the discount or if the Distribution Centre decide not to stock my book?

Our Information Services Department can still offer your book a free listing on our website, and will add contact details of your choosing to the description. Any orders would then come to you.

13. I’m a teacher and I’d like to view new books and educational resources.

The Books Council has a team of schools officers that are available for school visits to display the materials and offer advice. Please contact the Department of Children's Books and Reading Promotion by clicking 'Contact Us' above.

14. Can a school buy books online by using

Online purchases can only be made with a credit card, paying the full price and the postage. You should contact your local bookshop should you wish to discuss possible discounts, or contact the Department of Children's Books and Reading Promotion by clicking 'Contact Us' above.

15. When will World Book Day be held next year?

World Book Day is held annually on the first Thursday in March.

16. What is the date of T. Llew Jones’s memorial day?

Unless the date falls on a weekend, it is held on 11 October, T. Llew Jones’s birthday.

17. I am an author. How can the Books Council of Wales market my book?

If your book is stocked at the BCW's Distribution Centre your publisher will need to discuss with the BCW Sales and Marketing Department if any of our generic marketing campaigns are relevant for your book . The Council's Sales Team will carry a sample of the book and encourage booksellers with accounts at the DC to order copies. It is the publisher's responsibility, however, to market and promote your title through the media, distribute review copies and undertake any advertising and to produce any promotional material.

18. I am a self-published author. Is the above true for me?

As the publisher of the book, the above is relevant to you if the BCW Distribution Centre stock your title.

19. I have written a book and I am looking for help to get it published and on to the market.

The two options which are open to you are to self-publish or to convince a publisher to take your project on board. We always recommend the second course of action. Self-publishing can be expensive and time consuming with no guaranteed return. Indeed, many authors who venture down this path find that they are heavily out of pocket and are unable to get established outlets to stock their title. We suggest therefore that you approach publishers, one at a time. Our information warehouse has a list of publishers in Wales, including contact details and information about their submissions policies. To get some idea of the publishers who are already operating in your field (age range, subject etc) have a look at our website where you can search by category etc and see what the competition is like. As a writer, you may also like to browse the Literature Wales website. Click 'For Writers' in the left-hand column for more information.

20. Does the Books Council of Wales provide an editing or proofreading service to authors?

The Books Council of Wales does not offer editing and proofreading services to individual authors, but the Editorial Department does offer this service to publishers who are based in Wales. Therefore, you may wish to consider offering your book to one or more of the publishers listed on the Welsh Book Trade Info website, who would then arrange the editing and proofreading service on your behalf, should your book be accepted for publishing. Also included on the website is a list of freelance editors who work in Wales, together with details of their relevant experience. Therefore, should you decide to go ahead with self-publishing, this could be a useful reference point for finding someone to edit and proofread your work.

21. Does the Books Council of Wales provide critical services to authors?

No. Authors may prefer to contact publishers directly, and on the Welsh Book Trade Info website there is a directory of publishers in Wales.


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